Why thanks2u storebooks?

  • Thanks2u provides you with a new and unique way to interact with your customers in a more personal and less intrusive manner.
  • It gets your customers engaging with your brand
  • It allows you to tap into the viral marketing system by running across the social network sites such as Twitter and facebook
  • Thanks2u can be integrated into your e-commerce site and will allow you to send a message to everyone who places an order
  • Because it’s a hosted solution it’s hassle free – you don’t have to worry about servers – let us do that for you!
  • Demographic targeting allows you to hit your target market


Featured Clients

02 – Thank you template –with free credit

We worked with 02 to create templates that allowed users to spread their brand name. Customers sharing the brand could say thanks and offer a free gift of free call credit.

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Coca Cola – Fully branded thanksbook

Coca Cola engaged with us to create a unique thanksbook which gave thanks to their staff.

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AIB Thanksbook

AIB used a cusom thanksbook to send a message of gratitude to all 150,000 new customers they got in jan 2008.

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